Karan Goel

Hello. I'm Karan Goel and I like to code.

Hi there. My name is Karan Goel.

I'm an undergraduate student at the University of Washington in the Computer Science program.

I will intern at Google with the Street View team in Summer 2014.

Feel free to browse through my site or my blog, or read my resume and send me an email if you like what you see (I'm reasonably nice).


Summer '14
Mountain View

In Summer 2014, I will intern at Google with the Street View (Maps) team in the Engineering Practicum program.

Summer '13
New Delhi

In Summer 2013, I interned at Lenskart.com as a Data Analyst and shipped two custom dashboards with realtime data streams using Tableau.

UW iSchool
Aug '12 - Aug '13

Assisted Jeff Huang as a Research Assistant . Collected data, ran statistical tests visualized the findings.



Node.js MongoDB Knockout.js

A suicide prevention app targeted towards young adults built at a 48-hour hackathon. Comes with a mood tracker and an anonymous social network. I made the backend with a RESTful API.



Qnowledge is a knowledge API for Quora that provides access to various details of any question using a simple REST interface. Access at q.goel.im


Node.js Angular.js Redis

A high-performance, anonymous URL shortener built using Redis + Node.js with an API-backed design. Live Demo

What would I tweet?

Python Angular.js

Automatically generates tweets for you by training a Markov bot based on bigram probabilities derived from your tweet history. Live Demo



Wrote an unofficial Python API for ThePirateBay that now supports searching, sorting, pagination etc. It is supported on both Python 2 and Python 3.

100+ Projects


Compiled a list of 100+ practical, language-agnostinc projects to learn Python. The repo now has 4.5k+ stars and is one of the top repos on Github.

Reddit Scripts


RedditAgain – Automates migrating a Reddit account to a new one.
NobodyDoesThis – Scans /r/DoesAnybodyElse posts with 0 score and then comments "Nope, it's just you."

HackerNews API


Wrote an unofficial Python API for Hacker News that works by screen scraping. Also ported it to a RESTful interface at HNify with memcached.



Took over an abandoned Java wrapper for Reddit API. Added new features, fixed existing bugs, and continue to maintain it.

Moodic Player


Simple GUI-based app that uses last.fm API and builds a playlist for users based on their mood. Primarily built to learn the Java Swing library and how web API's work.



Straight out of intro CS classes, made a lightweight and minimal GUI utility to make it easier for anyone to learn facts. Built to learn the Java Swing library.

About me

Originally from New Delhi, India, now in Seattle, WA, I'm an undergraduate at the University of Washington, in the Computer Science department. My resume is available in PDF format or on LinkedIn.

Primarily, I do backend and sometimes dabble around with frontend. Broadly, I'm interested in web scraping, data mining, and building web applications. If that sounds interesting to you, check out what I've been working on recently.

I'm a bit of an open web evangelist, and an open source fanatic. I believe that open source empowers people to stop complaining and start fixing problems.

I spend most of my (free) time writing on Reddit, Quora and StackOverflow about India, programming and other interesting topics.

My Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is ESTJ. I share my personality type with Henry Ford, Martha Stewart, Michelle Obama and Emma Watson.